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So I felt like it was time for a new mix disc, and in need of a theme, I decided to make Iteration 3 of my World of Darkness soundtracks, in celebration of Greer (undiurnal)'s Mage game getting back on its feet tonight. The first one of these was a two-tape thing I meant to play in the background during games. Rock music, it turns out, isn't so great as background music, but it -is- great for getting in the right mood while driving to the game. So this is basically just me taking some tracks from my various alt-rock albums and trying to find the "gothiest" among them.

This one is called "fall." If I had a Mage game, this would be the soundtrack.

1. Jimmy Eat World 2005 Stay On My Side Tonight (EP) 01 Disintegration (7:44)
2. Easyco 2003 Superstructures and Other Small Things 09 Tremendous (5:01)
3. Radiohead 1997 OK Computer 09 Climbing Up The Walls (4:45)
4. Pearl Jam 2002 Riot Act 08 You Are (4:30)
5. Smashing Pumpkins 1997 The End is the Beginning is the End 02 The Beginning is the End is the Beginning (5:02)
6. The Cure 1989 Disintegration 07 Fascination Street (5:15)
7. Esthero 1998 Breath From Another 02 Heaven Sent (4:30)
8. Candlebox 1995 Lucy 11 Vulgar Before Me (3:37)
9. System of a Down 1998 System of a Down 05 Spiders (3:35)
10. Deftones 2000 White Pony 02 Digital Bath (4:15)
11. Matthew Good Band 2001 The Audio of Being 07 The Fall of Man (5:03)
12. Soundgarden 1994 Superunknown 13 4th Of July (5:08)
13. Tool 2000 Salival 07 No Quarter (11:12)
14. Cursive 2003 The Ugly Organ 12 Staying Alive (10:06)

By-track commentary behind the cutCollapse )

I intended to put a Thursday song on it, as I consider War all the Time to be the most effective distillation of the idea of "Gothic Punk," as they used to call the WoD in first edition, but really, the album is better as a whole than its parts are separately. Four or five of the songs on Razorblade Suitcase are kind of the same way for me, although that has more to do with having bought that the same day as Mage Second Edition than anything else. I also wanted a Before Braille song, but the best one seemed to be Secret #7, and it felt like a crime to listen to that without following it with The Spanish Dagger.
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So, because people demand posts (not here, but on my livejournal, for whatever reason), here is the Jason's situation, right now.

Jason has a job, answering 4000 phone calls a week for a directory assistance company. You know those people who connect you to places when you dial 411 on your cell phone? If you're on Verizon, Sprint or Alltel in New England, NY, NJ, DC, KC (both MO and KS), NM or AZ, that might be me. The job sucks, especially for $8/hr, but it's what I've got. I get a $0.50 raise and the opportunity to start making bonus on the 13th. Someday I'll tell you why that's not as cool as it sounds. I do get health, dental and vision though.

I am trying to teach myself C++ in order to get a better job, which is exhilirating and frustrating. I wish I had actual problems I needed C++ to solve; it would make it easier to learn than doing these arbitrary exercises. At the same time, it's awesome and really exciting, and coming from Java, not nearly as hard as I expected.

I am also playing guitar again and trying to write songs. I continue to find that I suck at writing lyrics. I can't seem to find a middle ground between the trite and the crushingly obscure, primarily because my approach to poetry is all wrong. I am a very sense-oriented writer, as opposed to sound-oriented: hence I write prose, ordinarily. I don't know anyone else who sings and writes lyrics though. I have lots of way cool guitar parts though.

Issue 11 of IYE came out, and is rockin'. I don't have a whole lot to say about it, other than I wish I could do it forever. This is plainly not the case. Go get a copy (or ask me and I'll have one sent to you), it's awesome.

I am playing the hell out of City of Heroes, which is ridiculously addicting. I detest MMOs, but this one I find to be a blast. Just creating characters is silly amounts of fun. Rolling around with six players responding to threats in character and with lethal precision, as we did on Thursday with the Myrmidons, is incredible.

I am reading a lot lately. I finally finished that Short Story Masterpieces book from 1959 or whatever, and now I'm reading My Antonia, which, like most things, is much better when it's by choice. That contrived scene with the plow in the sun is still way contrived though, and almost as bad as Fitzgerald's awful seismograph metaphor in Gatsby. I bought a fantasy best-of-2003 tome at Antigone the other day, and I've read two or three of those stories, and they rock.

I'm also listening to less music lately; mostly I only listen in the car now, which is a shame because I rarely get around to burning half the stuff I like to take with me. These past few weeks it's been The Exit, Northstar, Matthew Good's phenomenal new record and As Tall as Lions... and that's about it. Temple of the Dog has won my heart again, and Thursday, TBS and Jimmy are still really good, but it seems like I'm never interested in most of this other stuff. I feel like I should go dig into rock history instead of looking for something new and exciting, because how often can that really happen anyway?

Copeland's new EP truly sucks.

We're gaming with Red's buddy Big John, and it has been fun so far. As always, it makes me want to pick up my stupid 7th Sea scenario and finish it, but I'm so bad at this stuff.

Anyway, I'm going to bed.

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I was involved in a discussion over on the IYE forums about... I don't know, politics and religion, I guess. It's all kind of immaterial, except that Nathan and I were pretty much coming from the same place, but Nathan managed to earn the respect of his opponent, whereas my arguments were dismissed as insults. I didn't, at the time, consider them insults, primarily because I felt the few things I was saying that might be construed that way were still true: He can't put a sentence together, and it hurts my head to try to figure out what he was trying to say when I'm just going to disagree.

Anyway, the point is that I always felt myself somehow separated from the traditional state of Internet "discussion," where usually the shortest possible route to invoking Godwin's Law is travelled. That didn't happen this time, but largely no thanks to me, who willingly sprinkled profanity all over his supposedly "thoughtful" and "even-handed" post.

It's not especially important: As far as I can tell, Robert is a tool who is able to insist that we all think for ourselves rather than repeat CNN MTV Hollywood "nonsense," yet draws upon a Christian site for his second- or third-hand history and analysis of Islam. What is important is that I came off no better, just another pompous, self-righteous fuckwad from the other side of the spectrum. It belies something I've always considered one of my strengths, the idea that I'm exceptionally good at seeing the other side and being willing to compromise, admit fault, et al. It's one of the reasons I'm pretty good at my job: I have no problem apologizing to some irate Brooklyn fuck because I can't hear him when he's the one on a shitty cell phone outside under an intercom speaker on a windy day in NYC. I like to think I'm pretty open-minded, and, to put not too fine a point on it, humble and compassionate. Clearly I need some work.

Meanwhile, I just read a random column at Yahoo! Sports about Mr. Kevin Garnett, wherein it was noted that selfishness isn't always bad. I'm not one of these nuts who insists that sports are a great metaphor for life at large, but it's a worthwhile and timely reminder to myself. As I'm fond of saying, "you are the center of your own universe." Ultimately, while selflessness is mostly admirable1, it can also be dehumanizing. Anything taken to its logical end is carcinogenic, right? To that end, well, I don't know. Not a damn thing was accomplished on the thread, anyway: Robert thinks Islam == evil, and that wasn't even what I thought we were talking about.

And anyway: suppose Islam is evil, because Muhammad explicitly said to put everyone to the sword if they don't convert to Islam. Then... what? Does that mean Islam needs to be stamped out? Should we kill everyone who won't convert from Islam? Doesn't that make us evil?

I heard a woman at my work today say, "They don't follow the rules. Why should we?"

Um. Because we're the good guys, remember?

I thought it was an original thought, but then I read about Senator Inhofe's comments, and discovered she was, as usual, just parroting. Ah well. I'm not even sure which I'd have preferred it been.

I typoed this as "admiral" the first time. Hee hee.
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Holy fucking shit, it's warm! It was warm yesterday, too (85!), and the Cats beat the tar out of ASU, so that's good.

On an unrelated note, Cursive's The Ugly Organ blows me away. It's just totally awesome and I don't really have anything else to say about it.

This Manifold song ("Part 2") is pretty sweet, too, but it still sounds like it could have come right off Departures and Arrivals... maybe I'm a dick for thinking that. On the other hand, it also sounds like someone's been listening to Loveless and Ferment—there's a definite "wall of texture" kind of thing going on.

/me sings "workin' on the website, all the live-long day"
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Mix CD

1. Straylight Run 2003 demo 02 Existentialism on Prom Night (3:23)
2. Mae Tisbury Lane (5:50)
3. Better Than Ezra - 03 - At The Stars (3:43)
4. Illuminada - 03 - Just Like the Sea (4:24)
5. Easyco - 06 - Daughter of the Ocean (live) (11:41)
6. Jimmy Eat World - 10 - For Me This is Heaven (4:04)
7. Sand Rubies - 02 - Santa Maria Street (4:26)
8. Catherine Wheel - 03 - Black Metallic (7:18)
9. Azure Ray - 01 - Sleep (5:03)
10. U2 - 03 - One (4:36)
11. Mad Season - River Of Deceit (5:04)
12. Smashing Pumpkins 1998 05.15 Hamburg, DE Crestfallen (live) (6:21)
13. Taking Back Sunday - 26 - Your Own Disaster (4:47)
14. Sponge - 11 - Rainin' (5:01)
15. Radiohead - Street Spirit [Fade Out] (4:12)
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Jesus, dude. Fuck Mozilla in its ear. I finally got the sidebars to look right, except in fucking Firebird, where for whatever reason this happens:

I don't have a rule saying "make the sidebar so long that the last paragraph doesn't reach all the way to the bottom of it," I swear.


On the plus side, no one uses Firebird anyway, and it looks fine in IE and Opera. I'm going to go play some Star Chamber now.

And finish the laundry.

And then maybe I'll come back and figure out why my style sheet specifies 799EC4 as the background color, but the browsers give me 709FC0 instead. And why the .png files have 799EC4 as the background color, until they actually get served from the page, and then they're B0CFE0, which is completely different. It's not even remotely similar, in fact.
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Tuesday musing

I am working on a commissioned mix CD, for what is like the third time, so I'm not very experienced at it. Because of the intended recipient's personal preference, The Promise Ring's "Make Me a Mixtape" won't be present, though Better Than Ezra's "Rewind" almost certainly will be. The disc will be primarily dominated by songs this unnamed person hasn't heard, with the balance probably skewed more toward my own favorites than guaranteed hits.

Meanwhile, it occurs to me that the iPod will probably kill the "mix CD" just as it will kill the "Desert Island Discs."

Also, I'm playing some Final Fantasy IX here and there, since I never did finish it, and it's almost embarassing how bad PlayStation graphics have dated. The glorious hand-painted sprites of the 16-bit era will always have their charm, but the distressingly ugly characters (other than in the gorgeous FMV sequences) and low-poly enemies are a far cry from, say, Crimson Skies.

Game's still a blast, though. =)

Oh, and I have a goddamn canker sore on my tongue. How fucking stupid.
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It's pretty sweet that LJ and DJ both offer RSS feeds of journal entries. Not that, you know, I know how to use that. Yet. But I have every intention of learning. I may be able to assemble myself a big friends page that includes LJ friends, DJ friends, and select blogs. I know Andrea RSS feeds, and I'm thinking about setting up a Moveable Type or Journal-style blog for IYE's news posting, so that could be cool too.
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